Island Water Shenanigans Update

I’ll start with a recap…

  • On the 27th my tenant arrived home to no water.
  • She deployed heat at the house plumbing walls, and our AN upped the heat in the pump room.
  • By 11PM water was restored to the house..

There were MANY steps and communications between these three important milestones. So many in fact that my anxiety over the whole situation was impressive.

Yesterday the tenant contacted me to let me know the house is warm, the water is flowing, but it smells like rotting chicken. Again, LOTS of back and forth of ideas and advice. By the end of the evening I was determined to head up to the Island. Not that there’s a lot that I can do, except lay my eyes and nose on the problem(s), and be there to execute our AN’s ideas immediately. By this morning, the smell was less, and our AN was going to see if there were any replacement filters for the water system on the Island. I ordered replacement filters last night, which will be shipped directly to our AN. We decided I could stay home.

This afternoon a demon took up residence in the washing machine. The tenant, before calling us, Googled how to stop this less than 3-year old washer from misbehaving. It wouldn’t listen to her spells and incantations. Our AN went down to shut the water off to the washer. Not as easy as it sounds… The appliance guy is lined up to do an exorcism. I need to get the antique shut-off valve to the washer replaced. While the water supply to the washer is ‘off,’ it’s still dripping water into the washer, where the tenant has placed a pitcher to catch the drips so the washer won’t go into an endless fill and drain cycle again, or flood the house should it lose it’s mind entirely. I love this woman. She gets the Best Tenant of the Decade Award.

The long screw is what turns the water, supposedly, off to the the washer. It is attached to the valve I would like to modernize 😏.
This is the plumbing insanity that hooks the instant hot water (in top of photo) to the rest of the house. You can see why the tenant wasn’t willing to start flipping valves indiscriminately. I will label, in sharpy, what/where all of these pipes and valves do and go on my next trip.

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