• I met with our General Contractor this morning, signed a contract, gave him a large check, and did a happy dance! He ordered the cabinets today (a possible 3-month lead time). We’ll be able to house materials here starting on the 25th, after the pool table is moved out of the way. The ball is rolling! Oh yeah, waiting on the city for a drawing in order to finish applying for the permit. Mere details!
  • The Island water situation seems to be settling down. Our AN swapped out the pump filter, and then found a leak at a pressure relief button on the filter housing. Being amazing, he fixed it! The odor in the water at the house has diminished greatly. My tenant is like, “Hey, this is Island life. Thx for getting on top it to fast!” I am grateful that this situation has calmed down, and I’m planning on heading up to the Island as soon as I get the remodel permit into the city. See above.
  • The archive work with the Getty is finished. Well, at least we’ve agreed what I’m sending to them. One thing, of many, that makes me very happy is that of 100’s of my father images will be incorporated into the Getty’s archive. The authors of the big book made sure that the contents of their book were available to anyone, copyright free, with permissions. My mother was the gatekeeper to these permissions. I have a large file of correspondence from around the world relating to these permissions: Universities, Churches, Municipalities, etc. I will sign a release to the Getty giving them permission to give others permission to use any of the content of the archive that I have given them. It helps the work live on.

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