Family Catch-up

My cousin called this morning. We talked about the in-process auction whose goal it is to sell off his father’s (my uncle’s) worldly goods. My DH and I looked at all 543 lots last night. There are things I want and will bid on. Without going into the deep depths of that piece of the family’s dysfunction (mainly my uncle’s), let’s just say my uncle had a MUCH, MUCH larger hoarding problem than my father did. Yeah, I have a 1000 machine bolts to find a home for, my cousin is dealing with dozens to hundreds of everything imaginable. At least my dad kept his genres together. Sure, dad had one good chainsaw and parts for a couple of others. My uncle had seven chainsaws. Last I checked, you can only use one saw at a time. 40 screw drivers, many of them duplicates, 100’s of wrenches, a small garden house full of what this gardener would throw away… times 543. My cousin is left questioning why his dad didn’t do the logical thing and sell this stuff off (earth moving equipment!) when he was done with it. Technology was part of the problem. eBay and Craigslist were sales platforms he couldn’t wrap his head around, nor would he ask for abundantly available help. I feel for my cousin.

In other news, my other uncle called (my mom’s brother) shortly after getting off the phone with my cousin. I would say he’s more or less maintaining, or that his disease process is very different than my mom’s was. He was cheerful, repetitive both in the conversation at hand and over the history of our conversations, and had his slight victim ‘wash’ painted over what he shared with me. Stories including how people don’t come around, including his son. But there are excuses for everyone. Grad school, working many hours. So, it’s a complaint with a forgiveness tacked on. I confess to being relieved to having a continent between us… A phone call every 6ish weeks is doable. If we were in the same state I know I’d be compelled to solve (currently computer) problems for him. I did a lot of that sort of thing for mom, and it never went all that well. He couldn’t remember how long it had been since his sister died 😢.

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