And We’re Off!!

The structural work for the kitchen remodel started today! The ceiling and a section of wall downstairs is opened up in order to accept a large beam. Some plumbing has to be rerouted. Monday the slab gets cut and the footing dug.

It was hard to stay in the background of all the work! Sure, there was intel the crew needed from us, but aside from that we kept out of the way, mostly 😏.

I ended up in the garden for a number of hours in the afternoon. It was 50 degrees… Next week snow and then lows in the 20’s are predicted. Gotta get my hands dirty while I can.

The sunset was spectacular tonight. Sublime, yet subtle, color filled 90 degrees of the sky. Like the bulbs and rhubarb waking up in the garden, the sunset was a whispered promise of spring.

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