Quick Oregon Trip – Day 2

The only small trailer available in southern Oregon was 40-minutes away from where I’m staying. The drive over to pick it up was lovely. Parking it at my uncle’s property was a perfect example in the smaller the trailer, the more ‘live’ it is on the back of a vehicle.

My cousin had a mission to clean up a corner of the property today, and we mostly succeeded. The neighbors have two little pigs. They appreciated the acorns I tossed over the fence to them. We continued our labors after lunch including helping my cousin’s step-brother move some ridiculously heavy items. They moved the items, I stayed out of the way. My uncles’s wife made an appearance seeming far more centered than yesterday, and as a matter of fact reimbursed me for what I paid for grandma’s sewing machine!

We went to lunch, which I’ll finish for dinner, looked at items in rather a lot of storage lockers my cousin has, including some ceramic works of my fathers, and went on a walk.

I’m back at my lodgings ready to do nothing other than play a few electronic games of back gammon with my DH, read and then hit the hay.

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