The Angst of Being a Long Distant Landlord

The washer is possessed again. It fills and drains, fills and drains while skipping the wash cycle. Between the tenant and I, we have left 3 messages for the appliance repair company. This has been going on for over a week. The tenant’s graciousness, while as yet unlimited, surly will hit a wall. I got through to the appliance magician himself this morning. It was the FIRST he’d heard of the problem. I believe for one reason or another, his wife is our road block. He will call the tenant and arrange a time that works for both of them to perform the needed exorcism.

The roof of the house piddled on the tenants laptop overnight 😢. I texted the roofer who called immediately (!). Not only will he get out there this week to start the lower barn’s roof, he’ll inspect and patch the house’s roof (probably at the storm collar of the old oil stove chimney), and get me numbers for replacing the house roof. It’s long past time. The stress of each leak causes another line to show up on my face.

I guess being on the Island for all this wouldn’t make any of it easier, but I’d be more effective at implementing fixes. The long distance tools of choice are a telephone and patiences.

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