Quick Oregon Trip – Day 4

The day started early. I was packed, out of my lodgings, and back at the property just after 8AM. I loaded the two item that were riding in the truck bed, and my cousin got the trailer attached to the truck.

My cousin decided to give me two vessels my father made. His father had had them, and when my cousin said he wanted them I said that was fine. He changed his mind We packed them carefully into the cab of the truck. I’ll post pictures of them in a couple of days.

Towing even a small trailer slows you down, as does driving rain. It’s not that this trailer is going to act on the truck, it’s that the slower you go over shitty roads, the better the contents of the trailer survive. As it happens, the golf clubs tie-down in the trailer were not adequate for the trip. Everything else was fine. The clubs survived.

It took nine hours to get home. This included bathroom breaks at rest stops and one gas replenishment. No lolligagging, no quilt shops, no strolls. I’m so glad to be home.

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