Island Updates

The recalcitrant washing machine had its intake valve replaced this week. The appliance guy didn’t debrief me, and I completely trust him. The bill clued me in! I deeply hope this is the fix. A new washer will take 6-months to arrive…

The lower barn roof replacement is underway. This building has an over hang off the north side. Evidently the overhang was an afterthought. The roofer is having to frame up the overhang so the new roofing material doesn’t have a wave in it. He says it’ll have a little undulation in it. It’s a barn. That’s OK. The roofer let me know today that he had all the bit and pieces needed to hook up the wood stove to its chimney!! He said the parts aren’t knew. Neither is the stove… The former stove pipe rusted out due to inadequate flashing/maintenance over the years. The roofer also had a cancellation in his schedule, and we may move forward on reroofing the house, right away. It’s only money, right?? 🙃

Art shot of the change in ‘grade’ from the overhang roof to the building roof.

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