Witnesses at a Gas Station

While gassing up the truck in Oregon, I witnessed the following while waiting in line to buy a bag of Cheetos (Don’t judge, it’s a family shortcoming 😜):

The woman in front of me was giving the cashier Very detailed instruction as to which lotto scratch tickets she wanted. Evidently Oregon has masses of different scratch games, and this gal knew them ALL. She chose at least 10 different scratch tickets. When she was done she added a Slurpy to the total, and then instructed the cashier to deduct her prior scratch ticket winnings from the total owed. This brought the bill from $90ish to $70ish. I realized I was watching a gambling addiction in action 😳! I never thought of gambling addictions included state lotto tickets. Surely it’s bigger things like casinos and horse races. Evidently not. This gave me pause.

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