Closing Down Mom’s Email

My mother had a custom email domain name for her editing business. She (well, my dad) fired it up after she retired and started freelancing full-time. I’ve been monitoring her email since my dad died (9-years). Today I received email from the company the domain name is purchased through saying the auto renewal credit card on file failed to go through. The card was one I closed down when mom passed. I took this as a sign that it was time to close mom’s email down.

I spent a couple of hours this evening going through the online interface for mom’s email. It was all from 2015-2016. The majority was email from me, which I have at my end, and was able to delete. Going through this email mostly made me sad, but some of it made me marvel that mom was still writing SO well even a couple of months before the car accidents that both sent her into care, and evaporated email/computer from her consciousness. The next few post will be examples, gems, of her writing. These gave me great pleasure in rereading and remembering who my mom was at her core.

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