Mom on Weather Late 2016

…since a little rain earlier this morning, the critters have been waddling around & behaving most discreetly…at this end, a high overcast, some clearing, a bit of sunshine off & on, and cooler…but no wind! …nicht, nada, nyet…! I haven’t heard the next forecast, but right now, the sky’s almost clear, with a couple of cloud-piles to the north.

I can’t help but wonder about the fate of the Weather Wallahs (Mom’s term for weather forecasters) in the next life–they’ve tried & tried to tell the truth, but mostly (at least in our time) wind up ‘lying’. What might Weatherman Purgatory consist of? I think perhaps a total, absolute, unchanging calm, in a ‘landscape’ that had absolutely no interesting features such as mountains, hills, small clumps of trees, etc. They’d thus be condemned to an Eternity of no context, no texture, or anything beyond Total Predictability!!

What can we say???? Good Grief!

G’nite–Luv, Ma

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