Island Bound

I had a heart to heart with our mainland general contractor, went over our loose schedule (never seen a tight construction schedule!), and assured him of my communicative availability. He said I could go to the Island 😜.

This afternoon I was able to move my ferry reservation from 9AM to 10:30AM tomorrow. This makes the morning a little more civilized, given that I have to leave two hours before boat sails.

There’s lots to do and catch up on, but mainly, it’s been over three months since our last trip. Things have a way of creeping out of control when you’re not looking. Thankfully, our AN checks in on Stella, particularly when the weather gets frisky.

I’m very excited to see the new lower barn roof, and light a fire it her stove! The chimney, stovepipe and stove are all talking to each other now in such a way that the stove pipe will not rust out due to rain infiltration. A country win!

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