More on Weather

Our region has the ability to produce BIG weather fall and winter, whether it be wind, rain, or occasionally snow. When these events show up on the meteorological models everyone, particularly the weather prognosticators, gets Very excited. Store shelves are cleared, and gas stations are run dry. At one such prediction, directed straight at the Island, I sent mom a long list of prep advice, most of which she undertook. Here is her note to me post apocalyptic wind storm, 8ish weeks before the first car accident:

…well, it blew itself out somewhere else, I guess. I had filled every big
pot and 3 5-gal. cans with water (no power, no water), and was as ready as I could be–with kindling, firewood drying behind the stove, a bit of grocery stock-up,etc. Which is what all of us did…and is perhaps why the windstorm got discouraged, seeing it could wreak no big havoc on us mortals, so it went off and blew itself out somewhere else.

Got a better theory?

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