March 2022 Island Trip – Day 1 & 2

I arrived to a batch of mysteries and problems:

  • The sewer hose had a slice in it. It’s not that tough, but what the hell?
  • Stella’s electrical service cover was open.
  • Stella’s left year tire was flat.
  • The dehumidifier was off.
  • Last year’s calendar was laying in the middle of the living room floor.
  • An awning strut was out of place.

I confess to heading straight to paranoia mode. My DH stayed on the path of reasonability.

A deer likely ran through the sewer hose. A much tougher replacement has been deployed.

The electrical service cover is a mystery. We’ll ask our AN if he could have left it open after checking on things after a power failure. A power failure, which there were at least two of, is why the dehumidifier was off… It thought it was turned off. My DH is going to buy a battery back up for the dehumidifier 😏. My DH also takes responsibility for the calendar, but not the awning strut.

The tire, it turns out, has a bad valve stem, likely caused by all the freezing weather. We discovered this after lugging my dad’s large and heavy air compressor up to Stella, inflating the tire, and listening to the air escape. We are woefully lacking in wheel removal tools and no one on the Island is able to fix the stem valve until Tuesday, 36-hours after my DH has returned to our mainland abode. If we can get the wheel off while he’s here (this will take another trip to town this afternoon), I can, with the rental of a pump jack, wrestle it back on.

StarLink is deployed with download speeds (router sitting under the trailer) over 200Mpps, and upload up to 50Mpps. It’s faster outside. These speeds aren’t constant as the satellites scoot around overhead. The slowest download speed we’ve seen is 50Mpps. My DH was able to logon to work and fix something that was cranky. Now we need a catio for extended trips with our cat so he’s not a basket case when we get home 😻.

We’re having dinner with our neighbor to the east this evening. Sushi takeout at our place.

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