March 2022 Island Trip – Day 3

With daylight saving’s arrival this morning, we slept in until my phone woke us up. My DH asked me if I wanted to check it (at the other end of Stella). I said “No.” and that it was probably my uncle, which it turned out to be. He has received yet another letter from the scammer assuring him that his inheritance from his sister, my mom, is only 24-hours away! The voicemail from my uncle is l-o-n-g. As was the voicemail he left yesterday afternoon on the same subject. This is the third time he’s been hit up by the scammer. I wrote to my aunt, perhaps with an edge of terseness, saying to mail me the letter (which she’s going to do), and that after 15-years of repeated conversations with my mama about any number of topics, I am unable to engage with my uncle on this topic anylonger. I then let my cousin know what was going on. He locked his fathers checkbooks in a cabinet that his dad doesn’t have a key to. My cousin is very aware of how scammers work and how vulnerable his dad is. When I get home I’ll be contacting the NY state attorneys general’s office about this. The county DA’s office gave me the name of who to ask for. While my uncle’s care is not my responsibility, FUCK anyone who tries to take advantage of him!

After breakfast we set out to replace the window assembly in the new pump room door. It threatened to be yet another difficult, challenge filled project until we applied the right tools. The door had double-paned glass once again. Further, my DH adjusted the strike plate in the door frame so the lock set will engage, and the door will stay closed! We paused for lunch, and then my DH removed the two remaining valances in the bedroom. Not only does this exit a long gone decor fad, but it allows more view out, and light into the space. It’s a huge improvement!

While my DH worked on putting tools away, and gathering extra tools for a friend, I worked on cleaning construction frass in the lower barn. For the most part it was ok. But then there was that situation where you can’t ‘unsee’ things. There’s a spot in the old dark room ceiling that looks like someone put their foot through the sheetrock from above. The fall out was rat poop infested insulation. So now, of course, I want to undertake replacement not only the sheetrock, but the insulation too, even where it looks ok. And lets not forget figuring out how ratus ratus got into the ceiling in the first place. 🐀 Sigh. All things in time.

The ferry was suffering from lack of certified crew, again, this afternoon. The fallout being that my DH ended up leaving not too late, but on a boat that was supposed to leave 1.5 hours before. And it stopped at all the Islands, making the trip twice as long as expected. He said, “Well, I get twice the nap!”

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