March 2022 Island Trip – Day 4

If there’s one thing to be understood about Island life, particularly if you have folks working for you, it’s to be very flexible, and embrace that flexibility. Be snooty about it. ‘I’m so laid back and flexible that I will answer my contractor’s text messsage before I have dried off from a shower, only to have him change my anticipated schedule, and be grateful for it.’ 😜 Because if you’re stuck on your preconceived notion of how your morning is going to go, you will be disappointed, grumpy, and word will get out 😏.

So, this morning I met Dave, one of the roofer’s crew, sent to do various tasks including driving the big F450 back to the shop. My job was to bring him back here so he could collect his car. Truly not a big deal. He was a chatter, and needed to be heard. Smart and seemingly isolated outside of work. After he arrived I made a dump run, took Stella’s wheel into the repair shop, and ran a batch of errands. Upon my return, Dave was ready to go. When we got back here we talked outside in the cold for 20-minutes. By the time he left, I was seriously chilled, and Stella never felt so good. Lunch and a doze, after a spotty night, got my day back on track.

The weather was wet and uninviting. After putting a few things away acquired during errands, I retreated to Stella, pulled out a quilt project, and spent the next few hours getting the quilt top put together. It’s at a point where it needs to be finished at home where the tools and spaces are bigger.

Everything about this picture is subpar: Lighting, color, and that there’s no where in the trailer to get a shot the full quilt top. It’s flannel, and it’s about cozy.

My final important act of the day has been to break into Netflix on Stella’s smart-ish TV! Time for a little comedy!

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