March 2022 Island Trip – Day 5

Today was a lot of little stuff. Lots and lots. Highlights were:

  • My tenant letting me know the roof leaked again, the roofer sending Dave out with a Roof in a Tube to hold things together until they can do the reroofing deed, and walking Dave through the house to show him where the fans were. He had some really good ideas about how to make the fans more efficient as part of the reroofing job.
  • Talking to our mainland contractor about scheduling. He’s been herding cats, and will communicate mo’ bettah.
  • Filling up the ‘water bricks’ for emergency use should the power go out for a protracted amount of time.
  • Cleaning up the pump room. Doesn’t sound like much, but makes me happy.
  • Putting up the old pump room door on the local Facebook boards, and having it get adopted.
  • Finding a new home for my dad’s darkroom timer. Our neighborhood’s matriarch uses them as kitchen timers, and wears them out! Her son will get it to her.
  • Figuring out, and having confirmed, that Stella’s batteries are toasted. The heart of a trailer are its batteries. There is a power inverter that takes the 110 street power and converts in order to charge the behemoth batteries that run all the lights and circuit boards of anything that runs on propane, and some things that run on 110 current. The inverter’s fan has been running more than usual. Research, coupled with seeing the lead in one of the battery cells when we added water (done every three months), all leads to this sad conclusion. I’ve consulted out trailer doc, took notes on decommissioning the batteries, and will replace them with maintenance free models on our next trip. No more topping batteries off with water. Ever,
  • Had dinner with our neighbor to the east this evening. Always a lovely occasion.
The beautiful new barn roof!
Super cool, but wonky, former pump room door.
Water Bricks. They’re like Legos.
Darkroom timer under the overhang waiting for pickup!

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