March 2022 Island Trip – Day 6

I’ve learned to pace the number of people I meet with on any given day. If I have too many appointments, I tend to retreat in a big way. “Too Many” depends on stamina and other inputs. Yesterday started feeling like too much when my phone wouldn’t shut the hell up, and was coming at me from too many communication channels.

I picked up Stella’s wheel early in the day and then returned the socket we didn’t need. Our AN helped me get the wheel back on the trailer, teaching me a few things about the way the axels are put together and why we could use them to jack the trailer up. Next, the gal who wanted the old pump room door picked up. Then I talked with the roofer, what seemed like, half a dozen time, before we got money figured out. Back to town to see of the bank had a large amount of cash, which saved me $2500.00 on the roofing job. They did. A couple more stops, including taking cash to our AN (we always owe him money and he earns every cent of it) I got back to the roofer waiting for me. We went over about six things, including the fans on the roof. It was a productive and necessary meeting, but I was running out of gas by the time he left. Then there was all the other stuff between the people, but I won’t go into all that.

By 5:30 I was feeling mostly recovered and walked over to my neighbor to the east. We visited for just over an hour. You know you have a good friend when they replenish your energy rather than further drain it, 💕

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