A friend and former colleague called me today. I haven’t always answered her calls as she’s been stuck on perceived injustices suffered at the hand of the company we both worked for. We’ve the same conversation for 10-years, and I wasn’t always up for it. Particularly when we had different experiences of our time working, for and with the same people. This aside, we are both gardeners, quilters, cat lovers, and had mama’s with dementia. Dana is about 15-years older than I am, and was able to bestow certain wisdoms about mommagement.

Dana started our conversation by telling me that she loved me and that she was dying. She shared, like so many others, that she didn’t receive any healthcare during Covid. She has multiple comorbidities. I can understand why going to a doctor’s office, or an outpatient clinic for routine tests would be very scary for her. She showed up with a uterine cancer after what sounds like a struggle at home with multiple symptoms that weren’t treated.

Her intellect was intact, yet her stream of communication was a little foggy. She asked me some cogent questions, shared freely & coherently, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what hospital she’s in after being transferred a few times.

I mourn for her, her family, and for me. I won’t get to hear her complicated cat interaction stories anymore. We will never go and buy ridiculous amount of fabric together. We will never plot out shop hop trips together. We will never do round Robin quilt projects together. We put it off, and now it’s too late.😪 Do all the things. Do them now.

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