Plotting Phase Two

Our GC was here yesterday and we plotted the next phase of the project, on all three floors (including the attic). I have no more than two weeks to evacuate the kitchen, sitting room, dining room, and ideally, the living room. It’s going to be an epic mess, and a lot of fun!

Given that the start date isn’t firm, I suggested to my DH that we just commit to creating and using our downstairs mini-kitchen now. Otherwise we’ll make ourselves bonkers…..

Oh wait, Complete change of plan! The GC’s lead guy came by as I was writing the above, and we’re starting on Monday. In three days. I am daunted, but excited. My DH is taking most of tomorrow off to aid and abet the moving of four rooms to wherever we can put them. I will find time to repot the jade plant my mama gave me which has out grown its pot to the point where it’s falling over… this discovered while moving the plants out of the living room. 🪴.

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