I’ve had a small paper bag of mom’s glasses riding around in my DH’s car for many months. The goal has been to drop them off in a Lions Club glasses donation bin. I used to see the donation bins at drug stores, but no longer. Some research revealed that, in our area, the donation bins are only in Walmarts. I do not do Walmart, but ventured into one the other day in search of a Lions Club drop off. Not at that store. As an aside, the whole ‘People of Walmart’ is a real thing.

We subscribe to Ridwell who recycles things our that city does not. Each time they pickup, they have an ‘alternate’ item they’ll pick up, usually working with an outside partner. Our next pickup’s alternate item is eyeglasses. The partner is Lions Club. I don’t have to uncomfortably creep into the next Walmart in search of a donation bin. Ridwell will come to my door and take care of this for me. Donating my mom’s glasses is one of those lingering tasks… Lions Club rehomes unused glasses worldwide. Mom’s glasses will help someone else, somewhere 💕.

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