Not Vaccinated

A musician friend called this evening asking, for his singer, how to approach vocal practice when dealing when what sounds like allergies, or the common cold. We talked through different approaches when I said, “Y’all are vaccinated, yes?” He said, “All but me.” I was stunned and asked, “Why aren’t you vaccinated???” He said, “No thank you.” Not ‘I can’t take the vaccine because…’ I further said, “You don’t have to tell me why…” He said he didn’t want to. I asked if I could tell him why I was vaccinated. He said I could and I did. We are good friends. We transcend things like this. He heard me.

Still I really want to know why he remains unvaccinated. Is it religious? They are not avid church goers, tho their daughter went to private Christian schools. He’s a tech guy and knows nano chips are not being injected into our blood streams via vaccines. We all carry our tracking devices in our back pockets… He’s not a right-winger…

I am disappointed for a number of reasons:

  • His wife has medical problems (that I do not understand, but are visible).
  • His daughter has a doctorate in physical therapy, works in a school, and certainly can’t condone her dad’s anti-vax stance, unless there’s a medical reason.
  • He’s in an active band, playing out in the community where the risk of exposure to Covid is far more likely.
  • He’s in his late 60’s.
  • He didn’t tell me he wasn’t vaccinated when I stayed with him and his wife in late October on my way home from scattering my parent’s ashes. Granted I didn’t ask… But had I known, I would have taken a test before arriving at their place in order to keep them safe.

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