Monday evening my tenant texted saying she needed to move back to the mainland due to family concerns. She’s lost two siblings in the last 8-month, and is about to lose another, and yet another has dementia. We talked. She’s devastated. And she was worried about ‘breaking the lease.’ I told her not fret.

I have a possible tenant, and if it’s not the right moment for them to move, re-leasing the house will take no time at all. The timing is kinda fortuitous in that I have a batch of upgrades planned, including the roof (which was just pushed back due to weather and the unknown conditions we might find under that 42.5-year old hot mop top!). Best that the house in uninhabited rather than inconvenience a tenant.

I’ve been very fortunate with the two tenants I’ve had, and know the folks who are interested in the house will be amazing. I am left feeling sad for my tenant who is not only losing her family members, but the island where she’s lived for 30-years. I’m losing her too. We’re comfortable with each other, glad to visit for half an hour, in complete alignment about community and politics, both love the property’s visiting ravens… Perhaps my sadness is about another person leaving who turned this little house into a true home, after so many years of my parents inability (not their fault ❤️) to keep up with just about everything 😔.

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