Driven to Scrapbook

We spent a number of hours on Sunday cleaning our studio and study. These spaces were especially impacted due to the structural construction done before to the upstairs kitchen work started. As I went through the study (my office), I was confronted with my own lack of follow-through regarding lots pictures and slides. Yesterday I scanned the slides. It was a delight to see images I’ve never seen before. The photos, as almost a year ago, were not as fun. I decided it was time to scrapbook them rather than feel overwhelmed by them.

Today I scrapbooked around 50 pictures of my mom through the years. My folks almost never dated the pictured they took, either on the prints themselves, or on envelopes the prints came in from developing. While I was able to, and started to figure out the pictorial record chronologically, I ended up arranging by theme. Where dates were available, I added them. I also set up two additional stacks of pics from 1987 (my eldest feeding sheep on the Island), and 1997 (Thanksgiving at my uncle’s, complete with Christmas tree) to scrapbook tomorrow.

One of the things I like about scrapbooking is the instant gratification aspect of completion, getting things done in the moment… Particularly in the middle of a big project whose schedule changes (stops and starts) drive me batty. Scrapbooking seems to be the antidote for many things 😏.

Author at age 12 with tame crow. Scanned slide imaged seen for the first time.

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