We’ve had our first direct (that we know of) Covid exposure. It surrounded the construction project. Contact 1 exposure was 5/15. They tested positive on the 19th. Contact 2 was on the job 5/17-19, and they tested positive on the 20th. I worked closely with Contact 2 May 17th and 18th, and they stopped by the job to check in on progress on the 19th. Since then I’ve taken two antigen tests, and today a PCR test. All are negative. Both of our exposure contacts were vaccinated.

Of course, on Monday and Tuesday I had allergy symptoms. This kinda freaked me out, tho it’s May… All of our conifers are starting to spew pollen around, that I am indeed allergic to. Sneezing, itchy, and plugged up ears. Nothing else exciting to report.

The negative PCR test allows me to head to the Island tomorrow for a week. I will take additional antigen tests while I’m there… False negatives are a thing, even three of them.

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