May 2022 Island Trip – Day 1

Upon my arrival I was greeted by waist and head-high grass. My AN had warned me… And he had knocked some of it down, but oh boy, if I mowed 4-hours a day for 6-days, that’d get it all under control 😂. I will strive for ‘ the up-side of not looking abandoned.’ Truth be told, the way it’s raining right now, there are likely places I can’t mow. The Huskie doesn’t float well.

I managed to replace Stella’s batteries without hurting myself (they must weight 70# each), and doing things in the correct order of operations… The power converter isn’t running at all, much less endlessly, and all the things that need 12-volt power, even if for their circuit boards, while they run on 110-volt power, are happy. This is the kinda shit I lose sleep over. I will be asking my AN to check my work, but so far so good.

I touched base, at a distance, with my tenant, giving her an orchid I managed to keep alive since it came into my care, and some candles for aromatherapy. She has the magic touch with orchids, and needs all the stress relief she can get. From our conversation, I think this is her last night in the house. She moves her belongings to the mainland tomorrow, and upon her return, is staying with friends. She’ll clean the house on the 29th/30th, and we’ll do a walk through when she’s done.

The truck took a while to unload (this seems to be a constant…), during which my neighbor to the east stopped by. I love this girl so much. We’re gonna weed Stella’s pad, she’ll weed whack for me, and I’ll mow for her, we’re helping out another neighbor who is herding the rest of the subdivision to ponying up funds to replace the culvert at the low point of the road, we’re going to go mussel picking. It’s like having a best friend who’s invested in the same things you are, and is in the same political groove. Ha! And you don’t want to go out partying. Making a meal, taking a walk, catching up is enough.

So, of course, I did start mowing. For an hour and a half-ish. It was sprinkling, which kept the fly-away grass, ejected by the mower, less airborne. In other words, I was not covered in grass when I finished! The rain is falling hard enough now that mowing is questionable tomorrow. The sound of rain of Stella is very comforting.

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