May 2022 Island Trip – Day 4

The day included:

  • Oyster (rather than mussel) picking. There’s an protected oyster lagoon that’s run by a research outfit from one of our state universities. We were in the tidal flats downstream from this lagoon. There are lots of escapees. Lunch was amazing. I have a pail of oysters for dinner tomorrow.
  • I mowed for my neighbor today. She’ll weed whack for me. On my way back to the barn, I slayed another patch of grass, opening up the composting area. The grass is an indiscriminate land swallower.
  • I did weed whack for myself today. Weed whackers, even the good ones, are like printers. They are the bane of gardening/landscaping equipment, in much that same way all IT support people (did that for a decade) despise printers. Scanners too, before smart phones, were even worse. So, after fighting with the smaller weed whacker, I was able to expose mom’s rockery around her perennial garden.
  • Communication has been so weird and disconnected, with three people today, that I just checked to see of Mars was in retrograde. It isn’t. I’m not woo-woo, and the retrograde thing has lined up again and again. So, I am left with Island time, the elderly, and business start ups, all struggling on the same day. The administrator in me is whimpering under her desk. I am having a glass of wine 🍷.
  • I spent time in the late afternoon working on Stella’s slope. The gunfire started. Lots of it. This is what I finally posted on Facebook: Really? Tell me how you are remembering those who served our country by firing off countless rounds of ammunition into the air. You are destroying the peace, wasting outrageously expensive ammunition, and firing guns in public in the same week that 21 people were massacred by, oh yeah, a crazy person with a gun. And before you all get het up and start flaming me and calling me a snowflake, I am a gun owner. I am a responsible gun owner which is precisely why I do not spend Memorial Day’s eve pumping rounds into the atmosphere.

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