May 2022 Island Trip – Day 5

I spent most of the day reading Donna Tarte’s “The Goldfinch.” At almost 800 pages, it’s a commitment, and I’m, obviously, hooked.

My neighbor to the east came by, and we weeded Stella’s slope for an hour+. Weeding is always better with additional people. Not only does it go faster, but the conversation is always good. After a rest in the Adirondacks, my pal headed home and I wandered down to see how my tenant was doing.

Her load, moving aside, is very heavy. She’d gotten to the point where the outstanding decisions are driving her a little nuts. She told me what her choices were, and I agreed on what she thought was the best plan of action. In all the years I was managing my mama, before and after my dad passed, handling mom’s passing, other family medical emergencies, and mom’s estate, it wasn’t all stacked up at once. My tenant is dealing with a huge number of life stressors, all piled on top of one another. She deserves a break.

Our general contractor made contact today! He’s all healed up, as is his #1 guy. I asked him to stop by and approve, or not, the sheetrock texture in the kitchen, so I can paint upon my return, and to get an update on the kitchen window delivery, so I can decide when to return. He’ll see my DH tomorrow morning for a texture inspection. Looks like we’re rolling again!

I saw two cute deer things today… Recall, I’d just be just as happy to put deer into my freezer! First was one of the twin bucks nibbling his way around Stella. I looked up, keeping track of his progress, to see him squatting like a dog, taking a poop! This made me laugh out loud! I thought deer pooped like goats. Just let the pellets go as you walk along. But no, Dog moves are involved! The next observation was another buck, with one small ‘rack,’ trying to chase a bird off its hind end, twice! The bird wanted to preen the deer’s hind end, ad the deer wasn’t having it,

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