May 2022 Island Trip – Day 6

Today was a little thick…

On the mainland front our General Contractor failed the sheetrock texture job his subcontractor did. In that moment I decided to stay on the Island. There is enough to do here to occupy me for some time. Then the window timeline slipped in a bad way. The window dudes told me 5-8 weeks, 5 weeks ago, Today, they told our General Contractor. 8 more weeks. I almost popped a rivet. Here’s the rub: We can’t turn of the furnace until the windows are in. The floor can’t be laid until the furnace has been on for a week. So suddenly we’re looking at the second week of August before we can lay the floors. Talk me down!

The texture will be redone on Friday. The window openings will be sealed in such a manner (I will not bore you with the details) that we can turn on the furnace without heating our little town. The hardwood will condition for a week, and then be installed. Enough of this!

This morning saw way too many errands, after which my neighbor to the east came over to help weed Stella’s slope some more. I also:

  • Weed whacked, this time equipped with a harness that makes the job much easier.
  • Mowed with the push mower in places the Huskie can’t get to.
  • Pruned dead wood out of my mama’s big Rhododendron.
  • Did the walk through with my tenant. It was sad to see her go.
  • Met with the weed whacker and hired him to keep on top of the edges.
  • Did a load of laundry in the house’s washer and dryer!! What a luxury!
  • Started going through the dryer shed… There’s a dump/recycle run happening on Friday. It’s like you get to a point where you can rent a property, then rent it for most of 4-years, and take a fresh look at what you left, and what others have left (4-boxes of dryer sheets?). Time to lighten the load.
  • Called the County Clerk’s office because mom received another jury summons. This time I don’t care so much… I ended up leaving voice mail with the Jury manager: “Mom died two years ago, you excused her permanently after she moved off Island into care with Alzheimer’s. Gimme a call so we can straighten this out! All cheerful. If they don’t, what, mom will be in contempt of court? Gawd, she’d find this hysterically funny!

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