May/June 2022 Island Trip – Day 10

Another day of little ambition due to the fatigue that accompanies diverticulitis. I worked on the house shower grout while in the shower, got a load of laundry into the drier and put away, despaired a little over what a piece of shit the washing machine is while not hearing from the appliance folks, had a visit from my neighbor to the east, and my former tenant’s friend who came to collect a load of stuff for the dump. I read a lot, treated the ravens to string cheese, kept myself fed and watered, and took a nap.

The project at home has slipped another two days due to the sheet rocker’s helper slicing a fingertip (not on our job).

The wind has come up enough that I retracted Stella’s awnings. The ravens are dancing in the sky while vying for cheese bits on the wood shed roof.

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