May/June 2022 Island Trip – Day 11

Today was better than yesterday. I was not compelled to nap for hours, my mood was better, I got a few things done, my neighbor the east and I got a dump run in, and met with my AN about a bunch of work he’s going to do for me:

  • Replace the culvert under the east drive,
  • Rehang the pump room door, which has moved to the point where the door won’t close,
  • Install heat tape and pipe insulation on the pump room plumbing,
  • Decouple the two water systems,
  • Add a spigot in the garden on the ground well system stub out,
  • Possibly get water to dad’s old dark room sink,
  • Remove the catalytic heater (open propane flame ~ we’ve Never used) in Stella, and
  • Use that hose to create an exterior BBQ hookup for Stella.

He also showed me how to change the filters on the deep well system. That’ll save a Bundle! Another thing he helped me with was moving my dad’s old clay wedging table (all bazillion pounds of it) outside. We used an appliance dolly and set of wheels on a frame. It wasn’t effortless, but neither of us got hurt! An Island ceramic artist has adopted it.

About 30” x 48” with a 5” deep clay top. Steel legs.

Sending another of my father’s tools out into the world makes me very happy, and it frees up a lot of space in the lower barn. A win-win.

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