May/June 2022 Island Trip – Days 12 & 13

Day 12:

The two main accomplishments on day 12 were spraying the apple trees and cleaning the old redwood gutter across the entrance to the house, I’ve never seen so many tent caterpillars. It was horrendous. Insecticidal soap certainly seemed to do them in. The gutter wasn’t much better except it didn’t wiggle in huge masses. It smelled dreadful. Lots of anaerobic sludge had plugged up the gutter’s drain into the downspout, and then filled up the gutter. Lots of high-pressure hose work freed everything up, cleaned the gutter, and then cleaned the area under the gutter. Yuck!

All the ladder moving of both of these feats left me very tired. Not over being sick yet.

Day 13:

Today was all about buttoning up and getting home. Missions accomplished, including making contact with the appliance whisperer. I hope to know what’s wrong, this time, with the washer and how much the spell is going to cost to fix it sometime tomorrow.

Back to projects here. they too are large, but narrower in scope.

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