Island Roof

The roof replacement started today. I’ve had two calls from the contractor. The first was to say that there was plywood on the roof (Yay!!), but it was wet in some places, and rotten in others. The bottom line is I don’t have to pour another $3600 in plywood into the job. Maybe hundreds… He also let me know various other alarming bits… They’re likely going to need to remove the exterior chimney above the roof as there’s no existing flashing and it’s too fragile to flash. The upshot of this is that we don’t need the chimney… The fireplace is propane now, and has a steel liner inside the existing chimney. We’ll work it out.

The second call was to let me know the vents were a hassle (no doubt), including the on-demand water heater vent being full of water. This means it hasn’t been venting… They removed the industrial fans from the roof, which were heavy as hell. I was glad to tell him the replacement oven is in the lower barn… He needs to replace that vent too, and will put in the correct size for the new oven. A leaking skylight caused rot by the chimney… This is SO long overdue!

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