“I don’t have dementia.”

My mother-in-law called this evening to ask if we wanted her, really wonderful, canoe, and kayak. I answered the call as my DH was occupied. She spoke as tho she was going to sell the house immanently. This seemed like a total turn around from our most recent conversations with her. I rolled with it. She suddenly segued conversationally saying, “I’ve been reading and researching, and I’m just getting old. I don’t have dementia.” I replied how this was a relief. My DH was able to join the conversation and his mom repeated this assertion three additional times in quick succession with zero recall that she was being repetitious. A sure sign, along with all the other signs, that she has dementia…

We continued to chat about a variety of things, many of them often repeated. It was a good conversation, actually. She was fairly cheerful, asked about our projects, and was glad to make a social connection.

We’re going to adopt the canoe and take it to the Island where it’s not a big deal to toss it onto the car, and head to a lake for a couple of hours.

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