General Update

It’s been a good day. My hair is full of Welsh poppy and foxglove seeds. Mid-July is the time in the garden when these plants are done regaling us with their beauty and I tear them out. They shower their seeds everywhere, and show up next year. I’m lifting the skirts of the Rhododendrons and Pieris. Their structures deserve to be seen. The Abelias have been severely reduced in size, while the Fatsia japonica is being allowed to grow to its full potential. The bind weed is striving for domination. I have other plans for it…

The kitchen remodel advances slowly and is hampered by windows. Evidently windows took a huge hit in the pandemic supply chain challenge. Tomorrow will reveal if the kitchen windows are coming in within a week, or on an unknown time frame. We heard both last week… At this point the answer is the answer. It just needs to be consistent. The window installation is necessary before the countertops can be measured. We can’t do most of everything else until the countertops are in… cooktop, sink & faucet install, the final finish on the floor, which will allow us to install the fridge (I MISS my ice maker!) and dishwasher (tired of doing all the dishes in a deep utility sink. At least we’re not doing dishes in a bathtub!!! 😉). I’m thankful for my childhood of camping. No matter how much we miss our creature comforts, we’re still clamping while waiting for the kitchen to finish up.

Tomorrow’s meeting between our general contractor and the window manufacturer will guide my Island schedule. I have a ferry reservation for a week from today, and will advance the trip should the windows be on an ‘indefinite’ schedule.

Evidently the grass is seriously out of control in the Island. My roofer and two neighbors have mentioned this. Not that one can control meadow grasses. Our unusually wet spring, and now lovely summer has sent the grass into hyper-drive. Our AN tried to field mow and caught a 1/8th” diameter piece of dad’s stainless steel cable, used for deer-proofing the garden, in his mower. The belt broke. Now he’s busy with more urgent projects. I’ll be riding my mower endlessly when I get there… I know, I love to mow, and the grass will be fired hazard by the end of August.

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