July 2022 Is;and Trip – Day 3


  • We learned, after much testing including using a CO sniffer we tested with an automobile, that we had a bad CO detector. The water heater is not trying to do me in.
  • The folks who showed up to help diagnose the CO/water heater problem are also electricians, and installed the new vent over the cooktop. First time in the house’s 64-years it’s had an operable fan in the kitchen!
  • I did all the town things, and an now equipped to slay more house projects.
  • Lots of ‘push’ mowing got done, as well as cleaning up the brick entry to the house. It’s not perfect, but mom would be pleased. I also spent time pruning her lilac in front of the house, and removed a dead lilac across from the house. The rose got some attention too.

Shower next, sans being yelled at by a faulty detector, and then off to my neighbor to the east for some sushi and catching up.

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