July 2022 Island Trip – Days 6 & 7

Day 6:

  • The first 2.5 hours of the morning were spent, ah, clearing Stella’s black tank. This can be a thing with an RV/Trailer. I pulled out all of my tricks and finally won. This is the second time this has happened with Stella, the first being when we first got her up here and couldn’t dump the tank for some time. Should this happen again, I know which trick to start with! And no, none of this involves getting your hands dirty 😜!
  • I got the rest of the exterior car decking finished save a finicky bit around the chimney. There is only so much ladder work one does on a hot day…
  • A batch of kitchen questions needed fielding and some additional cabinet handles needed ordering.
  • I worked on cleaning up the 8′ sliding glass door. The glass had mold at the bottom of the frame and tracks were kinda unspeakable dirty. After it was much, much better, the track got a good dose of silicon spray, and is moving way smoother.
  • Among other housekeeping chores, I picked up all the soot in the fireplace that fell when the propane stove was taken out in order to work on the chimney chase.
  • Let us not forget cleaning up the paint brush in a bucket (lots of soaks) because putting paint down the grey water waste is forbidden!
  • I can report a successful first load of laundry since our wonderful appliance dude added a missing o-ring to a recently replaced part. Nice not to be replacing another appliance!
  • A quick trip to town for liquids (did I mention it was a hot day?) before dinner at Tim’s rounded out the afternoon and evening.

Day 7:

Weed whacking only lasted through two line refills before it was too warm to keep going (10am). Then it was back to the house for additional cleaning, the finicky painting, interior painting and reinstallation of a track lighting fixture. The electrical box has its cover back on it, and the fridge is back in front of the box on a clean floor. Top of the fridge is clean too… The 6′ sliding glass door got the same treatment today as the 8-footer did yesterday. I am hoping a leak-free roof will keep the gunge from reasserting itself. I spent time slaying chaos in the lower barn, and then focused on eradicating a salmon berry that is holding old gate pieces, a palette, and rotten wood hostage. It doesn’t really make great salmon berries, so not a lot of guilt… Perhaps when all the crap is dragged out of this spot, the berry will grow back and make something of itself! 😂

I enjoyed a well-deserved shower, and am now sitting in Stella (too buggie outside) with windows open and all the fans going. It’s 86 and falling. About the same outside.

Car decking painted, and track light back up before the paint was dry!

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