July 2022 Island Trip – Day 8

I slept in this morning. After so much work the day before, and a warm evening, it felt good to snooze a little later than I would have normally.

My first, and mostly last, piece of business today was to weed whack for 40-minutes. After running the line-trimmer out of line, I walked up to the lower barn and realized I was done with labor for the day. I was sweating and wiped out. I think, despite consciously hydrating yesterday (when it was hotter), adding line trimming to yesterday’s mad activities was over the top. I’m not used to ‘limitations’ on my activities due to heat or the activities themselves. But then I am known to overdo it…

I took a nap after an early afternoon online appointment, managed to move the paint brush cleaning project forward, sorted a little bit in the drier shed, and pick myself some flowers after taking a shower at the house. Before hosting my neighbor to the east for dinner, I sat out on Stella’s pad in one of the faded plastic Adirondacks reading the 25th anniversary addition of Anne Lamott’s, “Bird by Bird.” A book I discovered because my mama thought I’d like it, not because she told me, but because she told someone else, and I read that letter. Mom was right.

Dinner was wonderful both because of menu and company. My friend, at 73, has just started a new part-time job in community services. She is well suited for this position, and it being week 2 is tired as she absorbs all the newness. She said twice, “Thank you for feeding me…” It was my pleasure and my win to enjoy her company.

Tomorrow morning it sounds like my AN is ready to tear apart the two water systems! Glad I goofed off today!

Shasta daisies and lavender from mom’s garden. The rest are ‘weeds’!

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