July 2022 Island Trip – Day 10

Today was all about:

  • Walking the property and pulling all the tansy ragwort I could see. Tansy kills livestock. While the property does not currently sport any livestock, one wants to control it (required by law in most counties) and it responds to being pulled. There will be less next year. You have to bag tansy and take it to the dump.
  • The offending garden hose that laid to mower low also went to the dump along with a number of other things.
  • In town I got a little shopping and banking done. I’m keeping my open for sun dresses. The one I’m wearing the most was used about 20-years ago and is starting to show its age. This winter I need to deconstruct it and make a pattern.
  • I got a load of laundry done. It was dry in about two hours. The heatwave continues.
  • I bleached the deep well today. This really is a thing. Our water is sulphury. One adds an amount of bleach according to the depth of the well, runs a spigot until you can smell the bleach, then run the hose back into the well for 15-minutes Next is to open each faucet/spigot in turn until you smell the chlorine. Let it sit. Rinse the pipes at the fixtures and hope for the best. The jury is out still.
  • I invited Tim to dinner last night via email and haven’t heard anything. Pretty sure he didn’t look at email today. That’s a lovely thing about being in your 80’s. Email isn’t an imperative! 
  • The checklist to close up the property, currently 30 items long with a sub-list or two, was advanced today. No one item is too onerous. The checklist makes sure everything gets done. Last thing ya want to do is ask a neighbor to do a chore for you because it got missed…

I predict a few backgammon games coming up pretty soon! It’s been a good trip.

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