July 2022 Island Trip – Day 9

The good:

My AN stopped by today and we figured out that when the well contractor removed a stand pipe at the house a few years ago (it started leaking and the tenants came home to no water) they also separated the two well systems! This is fantastic, and I’m perplexed that they didn’t share this info with me. The last they told me was, “Keep the circuit breaker for the ground well system off or the two water systems will commingle.” My AN is going to put a faucet on the piece of PEX that comes out of the ground in the garden, and what I thought was going to be a big project will be done!

I also got a the last bit of ceiling painting done (I’d missed a little primer), did some gardening, cleaned up under the fir and hauled a bunch of branches to the burn pile, advanced the mowing below the barns, and prepped for a dump run.

I’m heading back to the mainland on Saturday. While there’s always more to do here, the roofer needs to finish his tasks, and I need to find the right color grey to repaint the house interior, in that order. It’s silly for me to keep cleaning the house when it’s gonna get dirty again when the skylights are replaced…

The bad & the ugly:

I seriously broke the mower by catching a garden hose with it. A blade assembly snapped off (rather than breaking off of the mowing deck), which then caused the belt to break. We limped back to the barn and called the mower folks who will pick it up next month. I’m am dumbfounded how a device that can cruise through the occasional unseen 2.5″ piece of downed tree limb with barely a complaint, was taken out by a 3/4″ hose.


Our heatwave continues and I am being careful to stay hydrated and limit my time in the sun. This means leaving my piles of garden stuff in piles until next month whenI can use the truck as a wheel barrow, collect it all and get it into the burn pile.

This evening moths, in numbers so great I though I was hearing rain, were attracted to the light coming out of Stella’s windows! It mercifully cools off each evening making for good sleep.

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