August 2022 Island Trip – Day 1

I arrived to my roofer’s crew working on the awning/rehab for the pump room door. They also got the chimney cap on the house, the propane stove hooked up, and the scrap metal roofing from the lower barn loaded into their trailer. Progress!

It seemed to take forever to unpack the very full truck, in part because a dishwasher and large BBQ were in the back. Ramps for the tailgate and cunning allowed me to get both off unscathed (except for tired wrists). One of the roofing crew took pity on me and helped carry the dishwasher into the house. The regular bits and pieces are mostly put away. The fridge has never been this full (my DH arrives tomorrow). I brought lots of produce from the mainland garden. This will drive our menu for the next few days… StarLink deployed with some mysterious communication delays. I think it takes a few minutes for the Apple devises and StarLink to acknowledge each other out loud, even though the devises see the wifi. I am considering telling this to Elon Musk, just to be another annoyance in his privileged life 😂.

Our AN removed the very scary catalytic (open propane flame INSIDE THE COACH!) heater from Stella, and adopted equipment that another friend has had stored in the upper barn for, probably, 8-years. This equals more square footage!

I did a test of some grout sealer in the house shower. If it looks good in the morning, I’ll get a first coat of sealer done first thing. The large sliding glass door, the one whose track I cleaned and lubed, refuses to close all the way. It comes to a hard stop 18” too soon. There’s always something.

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