August 2022 Island Trip – Day 2

I’ve been waiting to clean Stella’s carpet for almost two years. I brought the carpet cleaner with me this trip, it being August and all (warm) and woke up to cool weather! After some breakfast, the decks were cleared and the swiftest carpet shampooing job of my life took place.

Next up was to seal the grout in the house shower… This was a new project for me. The product is in a spray bottle, and the grout is thirsty. After hosing down a wall, you let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe the tile down. We’ll see tomorrow if one coat of sealant was enough.

I got in 40 minutes of mowing around the house with the push mower. The grass growing season is almost over, and things look better after a trim. The riding mower gets picked up Monday by the vet.

I headed to town in time to get shopping done for the next few days before meeting my DH at the ferry. On our way home we stoped at the fair grounds to see a friend’s art installation, and then visited with Tim. Once home, we took a walk across the upper five acres, pondering where an additional small trailer might make a sweet office for my DH. The walk concluded with a lovely visit with our neighbor to the east. No immediate plans for the office project… Just an aspiration.

A morel mushroom created with a discarded concrete mixer drum. Made by my classmate and his girlfriend. It won best in show. The red spotted mushroom is the door handle. The interior is brilliant. My dad taught my classmate to tig weld. This is the third concrete drum my classmate has made art with. I’m pretty sure my dad is ecstatic.

My DH was able to get the darn sliding glass door closed!! “More silicon” is his diagnosis.

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