August 2022 Island Trip – Day 3

We had a short list of things to do before my DH boss and children arrived for a visit and early dinner. Nothing too onerous, and my favorite part was my DH discovering the self-propelled 22” lawn mower! He had so much fun with it that he mowed quite a bit more than just Stella’s pad.

We had a really nice visit, including a stroll to introduce our guests to the property. Dinner and conversation was terrific, and the guys were very restrained and didn’t talk shop. Our AN showed up at the end of the visit with a bag of produce from their garden, and joined the end of the party. He and I continued to visit when my DH took our company to the ferry (they live on a neighboring island).

It’s been the sort of day we need more of… Relaxed with a healthy dose of good food and most excellent people.

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