August 2022 Island Trip – Day 5

Today was all about the house. There were victories and struggles:

  • The first order of business was to swap out the 40-year old dishwasher for the less than a decade old dishwasher. This was fraught with:
    • The dishwasher being resistant leaving it’s spot, and when it did,
    • Its water line breaking at the valve, which:
    • Sent me running to the lower barn to throw the breaker on the well while:
    • My DH literally held his finger in the broken bit at the valve to stop the water from flooding the house and to mitigate,
    • Turning the rat’s nest that was the underneath of the dishwasher into rat poop soup!
  • Then the plumbing ordeal started.. Let just say there is an infinitesimal difference between brass 1/2″ compression fittings and regular 3/8″ fittings. This, of course, required a second trip to town.
  • The valve for the dishwasher is right in between two cabinets. Access is cuss worthy..
  • The dishwasher ran without leaking anywhere. 😃 We’ll introduce it to its cabinet tomorrow.
  • While my DH was seeking plumbing compliance, I continued spackle divots in the walls, feeling a tad discouraged that every time I turned around, there were more divots… I sanded dry spackle, filled in more holes, and then went after long narrow cracks with caulk. I have almost stopped…
  • Our roofer texted to ask how the caulk removal around the fireplace had gone. I sent a video. He and his delightful wife showed up an hour later and took the fireplace face back to their shop to clean it up. We all exercised our bad language while discussing the situation. These are good people.
  • I wiped cobwebs off the walls and baseboards in prep for painting, but am resistant to even priming anything before ALL the spackle is sanded.

We stopped at 4:30. Tomorrow we will better balance our work/relax ratio.

Author and 40-year old dishwasher.
The rat’s nest found under the old dishwasher, including the sliver rod which was a small heater used, presumably, to keep the plumbing wall from freezing. It was still plugged in. The heater likely invited the rats…

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