August 2022 Island Trip – Days 6 & 7

Day 6:

We got the dishwasher installed in the cabinet and tested it again today! It washes, and evacuates water, and still nothing leaks!!! It’s such an upgrade, even though it’s most of 8-10 years old.

Tim joined us for dinner. We BBQ’d black cod, my dad’s fav fish. It was amazing. Tim is a great story teller, and we enjoyed his company immensely. He left us with a collection of cheeses… We are favored!

Day 7:

Today my DH played plumber again. The kitchen sink is now sporting a new faucet that doesn’t feel like it’s about to detach each time you use it. This project was not easy. Access was a struggle, removing the old faucet was far more difficult than we thought it would be. Rust was a big factor. The supply lines we bought were too short. There were initial scares (leaks) that made us think we broke something or the facet was defective (it’s a cheap faucet). My DH, who did most of the work while I started cutting in paint at the ceiling) used lots, but not excessive, colorful language!

We had a fantastic dinner with our neighbor to the east.

Dishwasher in place, and faucet installed!

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