Aug/Sept Island Trip – Day 9

We started the day with a farmer’s breakfast. Just as I was about to address loading the truck for a dump run, our neighbor to the north came walking across Stella’s field. We haven’t seen her in quite a while. We had a lovely chat and then headed toward the barns. She was floored at how much work we’ve done in the barns. I confess her reaction was very gratifying. As we headed towards the house, my DH called out that our neighbor to the east, and her grandson, were headed our way! The four of us headed to the house where once again our northern neighbor was very appreciative of all the work on the house.

Our northern neighbor told us that she’d go in and vacuum the house when mom and dad went to the mainland for dad’s treatments. She shared it in context of chatting about mom. I thanked her for taking such care of my parents 💜.

I got a couple of loads of laundry done and hung out to dry this morning. Hanging up laundry to dry is still a pleasure, keeping me in the moment.

My DH bravely started insulating the spaces left in the lower barn by the former sky lights. We saved insulation when removing the wall between dad’s darkroom and ceramic studio in the lower barn. There were 7-four foot batts. Two of them went down due to an expired rat who had snuggled down between them and then croaked. 🐀 My DH went to town and fetched more fiberglass warmth on-a-roll.

Our tile guy returned to grout. The grout was taking a l-o-n-g time to dry, so I was assigned to rewipe the face of the tile about an hour after he left. He’ll be back tomorrow to caulk the corners. It looks amazing!

I finished cutting in paint between the wall and ceiling for the grey paint. Tomorrow I start rolling it out. I’ll cut in at the baseboard last thing. Then there’s the kitchen, closets, door casing, and ‘special projects’ to finish up the interior.

We went to dinner in town at the small and amazing restaurant I was introduced to on my last trip. Tim showed up with a couple of friends! It was a great meal with superb company.

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