Aug/Sept 2022 Island Trip – Day 13

Today was more of the same, except I’m starting to see some completion in little bits and pieces. The interior primer and blue trim was put away! The grey paint is cut in at the baseboard all through the house as well. Everything else (I made a comprehensive list) is still a work in process. My goal is to return to the mainland on Friday.

A grumble about low VOC latex paint: While I like that it’s essentially odorless, and that I no longer taste it an hour into a paint job, it has zero shelf life. I had to scuttle two partial gallons of wall paint and a quart of the aforementioned blue today. They were between two and five years old and chunky 🙄. Paint, in case you’re unaware, is outrageously expensive these days. $53-$62 a gallon for a semi-gloss or satin finish, that purports to be a one-coat solution (Not!), is a very, very pricey replacement. Stinky latex lasted for 10-15 years if the lid was properly closed. 😡

The day ended well with dinner out with Tim. We went to a restaurant that was reinvented after a fire some years ago. It went from being a scrappy Island dive to a really well done destination spot. I made a reservation online, and we ended up with the best inside seat in the house, not only for the harbor view, but for the table’s distance from the rest of the diners. A good dinner and, always, dependable conversation was a perfect way to end the day.

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