Aug/Sept 2022 Island Trip – Day 14

The best part of the day is that our buddy came over late afternoon and fixed the riding mower. I took it for a quick spin and it slays grass. He was pleased with how quickly the repair took, and how reasonable the rebuild kit cost. I am thrilled to have the rider back in action!

The repaint of the kitchen is complete, and the the rest of the area that’s being painted white in the living space is almost done. The (washed) bathroom walls are behaving very strangely and tomorrow I’ll decide to continue or stop. This is happening with two different paints, a primer and finish coat.

The paint isn’t sticking to some areas of the washed bathroom walls.

The roofer picked up his huge trailer today, but not before I added a load of metal to it. I used the truck as wheelbarrow… It was no problem for the roofer to park the trailer here, and I’m happy it’s been picked up.

The perspective is a little goofy as I was standing on the trailer when I took the fisheye picture. The trailer is about 15’ long and comes up to my chin.

My neighbor to the east stopped by, offering encouraging words re the painting. We’ll have dinner here tomorrow evening. That’ll make me knock off by 4:30!

The closer my departure date gets, the more real I’m getting about what MUST be done before I can re-rent the house. I don’t have to remediate every single thing I find. As much as I want it to be so, a perfect and complete paint job won’t fix all the things my parents were unable to attend to 💕.

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