Aug/Sept 2022 Island Trip – Day 16

The interior painting is done. The shower grout is as sealed as it’s been in 30-years, I took all the ‘money shots’ of the house for when I pull the trigger on advertising it for rent. I actually ran last night’s dinner dishes through the dishwasher along with the house’s cooktop’s grates… 96% of the the tools and bits have been put away except for the painting drop cloth, which now covers the cooktop with a note that says: Please Keep Me Clean!” I primed the new porch roof over the pump room door as best I could given my height verses our ladders. Safety and contortions were in play. The rest will get done.

I managed, in all of this, to get a start on the ‘closing-up’ check list. Being able to use the washing machine in between tenants is wonderful. We have to hook up our small RV washer/dryer in the lower barn. This feels like an imperative now that we know what it feels like NOT to come home with masses of laundry.

I took leftovers to Tim’s for dinner. We sat out on his deck enjoying conversation, stilton, and wine. Then went inside for some supper. It is an amazing thing to be the friend of your parent’s friend. Not only for the insights that their relationship with your parents reveals to you about your folks, but about learning about your parents from a peer perspective. Kinda sounds like the same thing, but not quite!

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