Aug/Sept Island Trip – Day 17

Closing up the trailer, house and property went well, if not a tad chaotically. I did this to myself both by staying up far too late to jump start the process, and then being tired in the morning. There is really no elegant or way to back out of the Island property. It involves running back and forth between Stella and the barns over and over. Depending on other self-inflicted chores (bringing home cardboard to recycle here for free, trash, and firewood), the running about factor can increase!

Bottom line is all was buttoned up in time to get on the boat prior to my reservation. This turned out to be a really good thing as my reserved boat did not run due to a crew member accident. I got home and unpacked and then did very little for the rest of the evening. Today is looking similar. Time for some laziness after half a month of hard work!

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